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Suspected bug in emacs

The purpose of this message is to report a suspected bug in EMACS
running at USC-ISID.  The problem appears when the Display Matching
Parens feature is enabled.  If, while the opening parenthesis is being
displayed, the user types the horizontal tab (HT) character, EMACS
echoes the HT to the user's terminal BEFORE it repositions the cursor to
its proper position (i.e., after the closing parenthesis).  This causes
erroneous displays of text, data files, etc.  These errors can be
corrected by refreshing the screen (with C-L), which indicates that EMACS
is correctly entering the input data into its buffer; the problem
appears to be with the handling of the echoed data to the user's

This problem was experienced with version 163 of EMACS and version
1208 of TECO.  It occurred in fundamental mode and text mode, both
with and without my personal customizations via emacs.init and
emacs.vars files.

I created an emacs.journal file which contains a command string to
demonstrate this phenomenon.  It is available in my directory on ISID.
Note that the JOURNAL command Replay does not exhibit the problem
(Replay waits for the cursor to return to the closing parenthesis).
However the journal file does contain the proper sequence of commands
to demonstrate the problem; if the sequence of commands is manually
entered, without waiting for the cursor to return to the closing
parenthesis before entering the horizontal tab character, the effects
will be apparent.

Please advise when the journal file is no longer needed.


Don Lambert