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File does not end with CRLF question

Sorry about that - Mark should have forwarded it to me rather than the
whole list.  We have a modification to C-X C-S to make it check if the
file ends in a CRLF and if not ask the user whether to append one.
In any case I answered the person's question.

The other two recent questions from Score (about terminal support for
the DM and ADM5) should not be affected by any local mods.  Dave must
have been mistaken if he said he exited with C-X C-S.  I have also
noticed problems sometimes with changing terminal types by STARTing an
old EMACS - sometimes if the old type was Glass it will give PDL
overflow errors and in general make the EMACS completely useless.  I
assume some location like PADCHR or something (probably something else)
isn't getting properly initialized, but I haven't had the time to look
at the problem.