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cc: (BUG lispm) at MIT-AI
Subject: Slow tracking of mouse

    MOON@MIT-MC 08/14/80 15:48:35 Re: Slow tracking of mouse
    Note that moving the mouse out of a pop-up menu before it appears if you've
    changed your mind won't work because the menu won't go away until the mouse
    has been in it and left again and it won't notice it's been in it until
    after it appears on the screen.
No, I was in it, and moved out very quickly, wanting to go to the
opposite corner of the screen.  I guess there's bound to be some delay
in ZWEI's picking up mouse tracking since the pop-up menu has to be
disposed of somehow.  Maybe true multiprocessing is what's needed so
the pop-up menu can go away in the background while ZWEI picks the
mouse right up (small joke, heh?)