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Trace menu won't

    Date: Saturday, 6 February 1982, 04:06-EST
    Subject: Trace menu won't
    To: BUG-zwei at SCRC-TENEX

    In zwei in Experimental System 202.12, Experimental ZMail 40.2,
    Experimental Tape 7.0, Experimental LMFS 22.3,
    Experimental Symbolics 9.0, Experimental Canon 10.0, microcode 854, on Retriever:

    Clicking on Print Before in the Trace menu TYI's from somewhere else
    than the Trace menu.
You didn't say that this was only in the m-x Trace command in the editor,
not in the Trace command in the system menu.

Anyway, it's fixed in the source not to assume that the caller has bound standard-input
and standard-output to their normal values.