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In System 78.51, ZMail 38.5, Local-File 32.12, Experimental DAEDALUS 29.5, microcode 843, on Lisp Machine Two:

In these days of hardware flakiness, it would be nice to be able to
automatically keep redundant copies of one's files on two different file
systems, e.g., AI: and LM: or MC: and FS:.  I'm not sure how one would
express this information to zwei; perhaps in the mode line, -*-
Mode:Lisp, Devices:AI,FS -*-.  Saving a file with C-X C-S would save it
on both devices.  Moving to a file with C-X C-F would check all buffers
with that file's name regardless of device to see if that file is on
that device too.  Loading a "AI,FS" file from AI might cause the FS
version to be checked too and a warning given if they are inconsistent,
as determined by version numbers or times of creation.  Some
restrictions in filenames would probably be required; perhaps only
DIR;FNAME FIXNUM with no subdirectories etc. 

     - phiL