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I side with TEST-FOR-REMAINING-SUBLISTS because it offers important
flexibility that is otherwise tricky to obtain.

If we can reach consensus within the group, I'd like to see the proposal
rewritten to contain only one proposal.

If we have to retain two proposals, I think the TEST-FOR-REMAINING-ARGUMENTS
is going to need its rationale/benefits beefed up a bit. As it stands,
Steele argues only elegance and then goes on to say later that
aesthetics doesn't count in FORMAT. I don't think this is going to win
many people who are hanging in the balance.

I think the remark about aesthetics not counting at all in FORMAT is cute
but not strictly true. But since I don't have anything more consequential
to write there, I'll suggest the following compromise presentation which
(for the sake of casual readers and future historians) makes it more clear
that we're being flippant -- or at least less clear that we're being


 ``Absolutely none.  We're talking about FORMAT here.'' -- Guy L. Steele, Jr.