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Compiler cleanup issues, again

Hmmm.  The murk begins to lift.  We *have* had a mailing list since
January, courtesy of Gabriel, but it's just become clear that it isn't
reaching everyone.  I kicked off an inquiry to Gabriel; perhaps he can
determine what's wrong.  The list is cl-compiler@sail.stanford.edu

Anyway, this explains the missing responses to my earlier solicitation
about schedules for the Mar 14 week.  I did receive replies from
Greenblatt and Pierson, but nothing from the rest.

I feel strongly that we should meet during the week.  Twice would be
more productive than once.  I'll be in the Bay area from Monday
afternoon through Saturday and can be available essentially any time
during that span.

laudably clarifies the issues.  Nonetheless, if I try to construct
particularly perverse examples, I think there are still additional
issues upon which this clarification should comment, if only to
identify for the portable code writer further things upon which he
*cannot* depend.  I'll follow with a separate message to keep the
administrivia and technical issues separate.