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Issue: PACKAGE-CLUTTER (Version 2)

  Those symbols with function, variable, macro, setf, constant definitions
  or uses as properties or tokens may have no other additional definitions
  other than those specified.

I cannot support this as stated.  The word "definitions" is not defined.
It is unclear why this restriction applies only to a subset of the symbols
exported by the LISP package instead of all those symbols.  I'm not sure
the generalization from SPECIAL proclamations (the original complaint)
to all "definitions" is justified, and I'm sure I don't understand all
of its ramifications.

If that paragraph were changed to something like the following I think
I could support the proposal.  I'd want to check the rest of the details
a bit more carefully.

  Implementations are not permitted to proclaim SPECIAL additional
  external symbols of the LISP package beyond the symbols defined by
  Common Lisp to be variables or constants.

I think the next specification of Common Lisp needs to contain a
comprehensive list of every symbol exported by the LISP package and
the characteristics of that symbol.