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RE: Re: issue COMPILER-DIAGNOSTICS, version 7

 From:	CCFVX3::SEB1525      "Steve Bacher (Batchman)" 21-DEC-1988 07:31
To:	IN%"Gray@dsg.csc.ti.COM",SEB1525     
Subj:	RE: Re: issue COMPILER-DIAGNOSTICS, version 7

The problem with DRIBBLE is that its definition is tied to *STANDARD-OUTPUT*
rather than to *TERMINAL-IO*, which would make more sense.  Since the other
streams are normally synonym streams of *TERMINAL-IO*, such default behavior
would automatically pick up *STANDARD-OUTPUT*, *ERROR-OUTPUT*, *DEBUG-IO*,
and whatever else - as well as NOT picking up *STANDARD-OUTPUT* when it was
redirected to a file - maybe not desirable or compatible behavior but seemingly
more "logical" to me.  Anyhow, DRIBBLE doesn't seem to be under discussion by
cl-cleanup (unless I am mistaken), so enough about that.
  This everything-handler stuff has potential.  Why not redefine PRINT as
signalling the PRINT condition so users can code a handler to capture all
Lisp output?  That could even replace DRIBBLE.  The possibilities are endless.
  Seriously, it is a very bad idea to start saying that such-and-such a set of
messages should go to *TRACE-OUTPUT* because it is sort of useful in the same
way as actual TRACE output.  If we don't watch out, we'll be sending all kinds
of messages to all kinds of streams and the CL user won't know what's coming
or going.  Let's nip this one in the bud.