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re:  I seem to remember that Spice Lisp had the compiler
    processing non-top-level EVAL situations in the way the proposal says to
    handle LOAD, so Lucid may have inherited this (assuming I'm correctly
    informed about the ancestry of some of Lucid's work).  

You are not correctly informed.  Lucid's compiler is a spiritual descendent
of the S1/NIL compiler.  I am also not aware of any part of Lucid product
that is a direct descendent of Spice code (although some of the developers
looked at the Spice sources back in the fall of 1984).

As to comments about the rest of your message:  you appear to be
explicating your code example, and how such might apply to may questions. 
But my questions were directed towards the specification (which, I HOPE, 
is in English).  Sandra's recent revision seems to have handled them

-- JonL --