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Re: MAKE-LOAD-FORM can handle circularities

> To throw a digression into the discussion, the only thing I know of
> that's hard about file-level EQ preservation is EQness of CDRs in
> implementations with cdr-coding of lists.  Even that's only "hard" in
> the sense that it is difficult to convince implementors to do EQness
> checking by treating each individual cons as a separate object, rather
> than treating the whole list as a single object, because it seems (and
> in fact is) less efficient.  Symbolics Genera 7.x gets this wrong.  What
> about the TI Explorer?

Good point.  The Explorer also treats a list as a single object, without
looking for matches on successive cdrs.  Given the efficiency
considerations involved, I would be reluctant to consider this a bug.
Issue CONSTANT-CIRCULAR-COMPILATION does need to address this, at least in
the "current practice" section.