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I got this response to a note to Hiroshi Okuno, the lead guy on
the TAO machine project at NTT, who was recommended to me
by Ueno as a contact person for Japanese standardization.


I think that Prof.  Eichi Wada, Univ.  of Tokyo, is the right person
to organize the Lisp Standarization committee in Japan.  I sent
several messages to persuade him to organize such a committee and
information on ANSI and ISO standarization of Lisp, but I haven't
received any reply from him.  He is the chairman of the programming
language committee of IFIP in Japan (sorry, I don't know the precise
name of the committee, maybe SC22).  All Japanese committees of IFIP
belong to IPSJ (Information Processing Society of Japanese, Japanese
equivalent to ACM.)  He is also the chairman of WGSYM of IPSJ and
Prof. Ida is one of the co-chairmen.  (I was the former co-chairman.)
JEIDA is a private organization concering Lisp Standarization.  As you
know, Prof. Ida is the chairman of JEIDA Lisp Subset Committee.

Prof. Wada attended the First Lisp Conference and discussed with Guy.
I don't know whether gls remembered him.

The network address of Prof. Wada is


His postal address is

	Department of Mathematical Engineering
	Faculty of Engineering
	University of Tokyo
	Hongo, Bunkyo-ku
	Tokyo 113, Japan

The postal address of IPSJ is

	Information Processing Society of Japan
	3-5-8 Shiba-Park, Minato-ku
	Tokyo 105, Japan

I'd advise you to send a letter both to Prof. Wada and to IPSJ.

By the way, where did you met with Prof. Ueno?  He is one of my best
advisers and friends.