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> On a practical note, CLX is already carefully designed to match up well with the
> interfaces and terminology of the X protocol.  Tinker with this gratuitously
> (e.g.  x -> outside-left) and you'll be overwhelmed by the moans, squawks, and
> bleeps of the multitude of hackers already laboring away in the sulphurous lower
> circles.  No, don't look at it that way; look at it this way: it'll make the
> transition from CLX to OOCLX cheaper.

I agree.  I was caught in a dilemma between accessor prefixes and bad
function names, so I got a little gratuitous.  My logic was that if I want
to access the X slot of something, I don't want to have to remember if that
done by DRAWABLE-X, WINDOW-X or something else.  On the other hand, an
accessor named X is a pretty bad name.  Also, I used to always forget
whether the x and y coordinates were inside or outside of the borders, and
whether the width and height included the borders or not (and do drawables
have borders?).  I assumed others might forget too, so I added the INSIDE-
and OUTSIDE- prefixes.   Oh well, change it all back...