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I have put the versions of AKCL, PCL, CLX, and CLUE                                      
that I use in the directory pub/lisp, on the host turing.cs.rpi.edu,
for anonymous ftp retrieval.
The AKCL is akcl-1-79 (KCL with enhancements by Bill Schelter), with
additional enhancements that I made.
The PCL is named "8/28/88 (beta rev 1) AAAI PCL ", but includes a couple
of patches that Gregor Kiczales sent to the commonloops list, and a 
bunch of patches I made to improve PCL's performance in KCL.
The CLX is a version that TI made available along with CLUE version 1.15.
And CLUE is CLUE version 1.15.
I have made patches to KCL and CLUE to make INTERACTIVE-STREAMS work in KCL.
I have not tested these systems very much, and you will probably discover bugs:
for instance, KCL's (lack of) support for SETF CHAR-BIT causes problems
for CLX.  

I have created a mailing list for people who use this version of KCL,
called kcl-x@turing.cs.rpi.edu (with kcl-x-request@turing.cs.rpi.edu)

Rick Harris