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YYonX 1.0alpha

   >>Date: Fri, 15 Jun 90 11:50:31 JST
   >>From: Masayuki Ida <ida>
   >>There are six files:
   >>tar.1.0alpha.server     tar.1.0alpha.yydoc      tar.1.0alpha.client
   >>tar.1.0alpha.server.uu  tar.1.0alpha.yydoc.uu	tar.1.0alpha.client.uu

I changed the file names to the follows

client.1.01alpha.tar    server.1.01alpha.tar    yydoc.1.01alpha.tar
client.1.01alpha.tar.uu server.1.01alpha.tar.uu yydoc.1.01alpha.tar.uu

with the advices from USA.

They are better version than yesterday's.

   >>.uu files are 'uuencoded' files  and the contents are the same as
   >>files whose name have no .uu.
   >>So, you don't need to get .uu files usually.
   >>.uu files are placed for convenience of mail users.
   >>.server file is a tar file for YY-server.
   >>.client file is a tar file for YY-client.
   >>yydoc contains four files now.

Now contains the following five files.
1.0alpha.notes                  yy-proto.ps
how-to-install-yy-client        yyapi.ps

   >>yy-proto.ps and yyapi.ps are postscript files.
   >>Print them at postscript printer.
Steve Strassmann <straz@media-lab.media.mit.edu> told me that
Apple Laser writer Plus cannot print .ps files completely
if the RAM area is small.
(Apple Lase writer NTX seems to be OK)
Thanks the info.

   >>how-to-install- files are usual text files.

Since I will visit USA next week for a week, responses from YY team will be
mainly done by keisuke@csrl(or cc).aoyama.ac.jp

Masayuki Ida