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Re: Experiences with CLIM

    Date: Thu, 8 Nov 1990 12:02 EST
    From: kanderso@DINO.BBN.COM

      Date: Thu, 8 Nov 1990 10:13-0500
      From: Scott McKay <>
      Subject: Experiences with CLIM
      To:, clim@BBN.COM
	  Date: Thu, 8 Nov 1990 06:14 EST
	  From: Bernd Wild <>
	  Ok, we have received CLIM 0.9 from Franz for ACL 3.1 about 20 days
	  ago. Since there we have done some testing with it to compare it against
	  the CLIM prerelease on Symbolics. 
      Which CLIM prerelease on Symbolics, just out of curiosity?
					    First, CLIM is relatively slow, i.e.
	  if you push your frame via X on an X-Server CLIM blocks that server
	  for a few seconds before it starts to paint the frame. 
      Lest CLIM undeservedly acquire a reputation for slowness, I should point
      out the Symbolics CLIM running on Genera beats the pants off of Dynamic
      Windows in terms of performance.  Symbolics CLIM running on 386's under
      CLOE also has surprisingly good performance, comparable to Dynamic
      Windows running on my 3645.  Furthermore, in addition to improving the
      general robustness of CLIM, we have been steadily improving the
      performance, and anticipate that when we more broadly release CLIM
      with Genera 8.1 (and the next minor release of CLOE 3), it will be
      faster still.

    Perhaps one difference is that CLIM has not been tweeked for
    performance on stock hardware LISPs like Franz or Lucid to the extend
    that it has for Symbolics machines.  From my experince with CLIM in Lucid,
    there is a lot of room for improvement here.

Note that CLOE on 386s *is* stock hardware.  The performance under CLOE
is really quite good.								 
								 We succeeded in
	  starting the address book demo and the CAD demo, but when resizing the 
	  x-window no refresh happened although the mouse-sensitive regions
	  were still present on the now empty frame.
	  I hope that these bugs will be removed in the next version 
      CLIM is evolving from prototype to product, and fixing reams of bugs is
      a natural part of that process.                                                        

    Perhaps these bug fixes should be shared over this list.
Unfortunately, for a lot of reasons (including the amount of extra work
it would cost), that is just not possible.
								     and I
	  understand the comment ILA is making not to use 0.9 for commercial
	  software projects.
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