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Problem with FORMATTING-ITEM-LIST and friends

    Date: Wed, 7 Nov 90 22:14 PST
    From: (Mabry Tyson)

    I think this is a bug...

    I have the following function (in a CLIM package):


    The problem is that if I replace the call to FORMAT inside the FORMATTING-CELL
    with a call to, say, (BOX-ITEM STREAM ITEM) and BOX-ITEM simply calls 
    (FORMAT STREAM "~A" (FIRST ITEM)), then the system does call BOX-ITEM but it
    doesn't seem to get properly recorded into the output record.  

Make sure that you are calling CLIM:FORMAT (as opposed to LISP:FORMAT);
they are (unfortunately) different functions.

    At that point, the output record is empty and then ADJUST-TABLE-CELLS goes
    on its merry way in an infinite loop trying to adjust the empty set of cells.
    [I'm sure that is a bug.]

    It doesn't seem like it is reasonable that the FORMAT should need to be
    lexically inside the FORMATTING-CELL call (or is it WITH-OUTPUT-AS-PRESENTATION
    that is the problem)...


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