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Re: clim under Allegro/Sun and Anybody sharing clim examples ?

  Date: 15 Nov 90 14:11 +0100
  From: Schneider Daniel <>
  To: clim@BBN.COM
  MMDF-Warning:  Parse error in original version of preceding line at BBN.COM
  Subject: clim under Allegro/Sun and Anybody sharing clim examples ?
  I am using CLIM 0.9 with Franz 3.1.13 on a Sun Sparc .... and
  I am a bit lost ...
  (1) Does anybody have an example for a complex top-level window
      with several kinds of panes (e.g. label-button-panes) AND
      several connected independent windows.
      E.g. Framemaker has such kind of windows. But of course I don't
      need its specific "look and feel". Any example, even undocumented
      will do very well!
      The examples I got with CLIM 0.9 all use a very simple framework
      and the CLIM manual do not help much with the question of using
      other kinds of panes and connected but independent windows.
I'm not sure what you mean by "several connected independent windows",
perhaps you can describe the layout you want in more detail.  Here is
an application we use.  It is pretty simple, containing 3 panes
vertically.  The top pane is a title, the central pane is command
output such as accepting-values, and the bottom pane is for command

(define-application-frame dart-top-level 
   (tpfdd :initform nil)
   (history :initform nil)		; current
   (scenario :initform nil)
   (setup-name :initform nil)
   (last-rapidsim-top-level :initform nil)

   ;; stuff used for multiple histories
   (selection :initform ':graph)
   (units :initform ':mtons)
   (mode :initform ':air)
   (n-histories :initform 1)
   (histories :initform (make-array 5 :initial-element nil)))
   (with-frame-slots (title-pane command-pane interaction-pane)
      (make-clim-pane (title-pane
		       :scroll-bars nil
		       :hs 1100
		       :vs 100)
		      :display-function '(display-dart-top-level-title)
		      :halign :center
		      :thickness 0)
      (make-clim-pane (interaction-pane      ;was make-clim-interactor
			     :scroll-bars :both
			     :vs 450
			     :vs+ *fill*)
		      ; :default-text-style *dart-default-text-style*
		      :initial-cursor-visibility ':off)
      (make-clim-pane (command-pane
		       :scroll-bars :vertical
		       :vs 50
		       :vs+ *fill*)
		      :initial-cursor-visibility ':off))))
  (:command-definer t)
  (:menu-group dart-top-level-menu-group)
  (:top-level (clim-top-level))
   :message-pane t
   :title *dart-title*))



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