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clim under Allegro/Sun and Anybody sharing clim examples ?

    Date: 15 Nov 90 14:11 +0100
    From: Schneider Daniel <>

    I am using CLIM 0.9 with Franz 3.1.13 on a Sun Sparc .... and
    I am a bit lost ...

    (1) Does anybody have an example for a complex top-level window
	with several kinds of panes (e.g. label-button-panes) AND
	several connected independent windows.

Have you seen the DEMO-PANES file?  I'm not absolutely sure it was shipped
with the Allegro distribution; if not, I will send you a copy.

    (2) Does anybody have a solution to the incompatibility between
	the two different PCL's for CLIM and for Allegro Composer.

I didn't know there were two different PCL's.  The PCL we shipped with the
Allegro 3.1 distribution was given to us by Franz.  You might want to send
mail to "Bugs@Franz.COM" about getting a version of Composer which will work
with that PCL.

	I.e. are there any patches around which could fix that ?
	Or is there a CLIM version which runs under Allegro 4.0 ???

It is under active development; I think Franz will send it to the 4.0 beta
test customers as soon as they clear it.
    (3) Has anybody been able to make clim work under Open Windows ?
	Mouse clicks do work, but I can't read any user input or type in
	commands, so I'm using twm right now.
I don't know if anybody at ILA has tried this.

    (4) Does anybody archive and can I ftp it ?

I don't know the answer to this.

    Big thanks for any help (and sorry for asking some of those questions
    here, but does not reply ...)

We didn't have a particular person assigned to reply to these messages, so
they've mostly been archived and various people have been working on fixes.
Sorry we didn't acknowledge receipt.



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