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:panes option to define-application-frame

In Franz Allegro 3.1.13, CLIM 0.9, I donot seem to be able
to construct a frame of multiple layouts: I get #:frame
declared special when I compile it, and unbound symbol
#:frame when I try to create it.  Code follows:

Will Taylor		NASA Ames Research Center


(in-package 'clim-demo)

(define-application-frame AC-BUG
			  ()		; No super classes
  ;; state variables
  ((banner-pane :initform nil :accessor banner-pane)
   (command-pane :initform nil :accessor command-pane)

  ;; frame layouts
       (let ((frame-mgr (find-frame-manager :server-path *default-server-path*)))
         (with-frame (frame)
	   (with-style (frame-mgr frame)
             (with-frame-slots (banner-pane command-pane)
	         (make-clim-pane (banner-pane :type  'clim-stream-pane
					      :hs 600 :vs 40 :scroll-bars nil
					      :label "NASA Ames Research Center - FIA")
				 :default-text-style '(:fix :bold :very-large))
		 (make-clim-pane (command-pane :type 'command-pane-class
					       :hs 600 :vs 30 :scroll-bars nil)
				 :default-text-style '(:sans-serif :bold :large))))))))

  (:command-definer t)
  (:top-level (clim-top-level))

(defun RUN-AC-BUG (&key (server-path *default-server-path*))
  "start up autoclass results frame"
  (launch-frame 'ac-bug
		:title "AC Results UI"		; for icon
		:where server-path))

(defvar *ac-bug* nil)

(defmethod RUN-FRAME-TOP-LEVEL :BEFORE ((frame AC-BUG))
  "do user initialization of autoclass results frame"
  (setf *ac-bug* frame))


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