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A Kinder Gentler Event Loop


David Moon wrote:

	Is there a reason why you want to do all this at the event level, or
	would you be happy if you could cause a timer to cause an application
	command to get executed?

Unfortunately, I was not very effective in conveying my primary interest to
this group.  David Linden in his last note accomplished in one note what I was
unable to accomplish in three.

My interest concerns the ability to define and deliver events to applications.
Thus taking advantage of the event mechanism to achieve, amongst other things,
non-local transfer of control.  One can imagine the use of software in
conjunction with CLIM that shares the concept of an 'event' (e.g., blackboard
control software).  The events defined by these other systems may not be
fundamentally different from CLIM's, save they are not generated by a user
device.  For instance I, as a developer, may wish to implement an active values
mechanism using CLIM's event mechanism and creating three new classes of
events: CELL-EVENT, CELL-WRITE-EVENT, and CELL-READ-EVENT.  This is obviously
not a speed hack ;-), rather a method by which I can deliver services without
additional conceptual overhead to my 'clients.'  The developer of an
application which uses both the illustration blackboard control software and
CLIM should not have to wrap their head around differing concepts of events to
accomplish the task at hand.  Indeed, I would like to employ the command
mechanism to achieve the same end at a higher abstraction layer, but I have not
understood how to accomplish this.

If I have an effective means of introducing events into the "event stream" I am
free to implement the handling timers or other occurrences, which I view as
events, in a unified fashion even in the face of implementation specific


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