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Announcement by Franz Lisp - Any Comments ?

I got this via SLUG (the Symbolics Users Group).

>  [ ....]
>  Franz asked us to forward this to SLUG:
>  Elizabeth Shook, Franz Inc.          1995 University Avenue, Suite 275
>  eshook@Franz.COM (internet)          Berkeley, CA  94704
>  uunet!franz!eshook (uucp)            Phone: (415) 548-3600; FAX: (415) 548-8253
>  **************
>  For Immediate Release
>  Contact: Elizabeth Shook, (415) 548-3600
>  Franz Inc. Announces CLIM(tm) 1.0
>  The Portable Common LISP Interface Manager
>  (March 18, 1991 -- Berkeley, CA) Franz Inc. has signed an agreement
>  with Symbolics, Inc. to port Symbolics' CLIM 1.0 to Allegro CL(r)
>  Common LISP on standard Unix workstations. CLIM, the Common LISP
>  Interface Manager, is a portable, high-level set of facilities for the
>  development of graphical user interfaces for LISP-based applications.
>  CLIM is the emerging standard for user interfaces in Common LISP.
>  Franz Inc.'s version of CLIM 1.0 is fully optimized for Allegro CL 4.0
>  with CLOS (Common LISP Object System) and the Sun SPARC family. It is
>  source code compatible with Symbolics' CLIM 1.0.
>  Franz' CLIM 1.0 will be available in the second quarter of 1991.
>  Customers who have purchased CLIM 0.9 through Franz will receive a
>  free upgrade to CLIM 1.0.
>  "Franz Inc. will be the first Common LISP vendor to offer CLIM 1.0 on
>  Unix workstations," said Fritz Kunze, president of Franz Inc. "We are
>  committed to portability of LISP applications across platforms. We
>  feel that Allegro CL 4.0 with CLOS and CLIM 1.0 offer the power and
>  flexibility necessary to deliver complex applications on stock
>  hardware."

(1) What does this mean for us ? Will the current line of development
(clim 1.0 version 0.9) be given up in favor of the current Symbolics
implementation (1.0) and do we have to adopt the symbolics clim syntax ?
Is Symbolics 1.0 different from Symbolics Cloe Clim prelease?

(2a) Will there be a portable widget set in this new Franz release
containing things like radio buttons, one-of-panes, line-edit panes,
highlighting menus or do we have to stay with the naked symbolics
"dw-style" interaction paradigm? I WANT THOSE WIDGETS AND MORE OF 'EM

(2b) Will code be *really* source-compatible between Genera clim and
other clims? I.e. If we get those widgets on Franz, will the Symbolics
have them too ??  (In this case I'll go back to our 3620 for
development work)

(3) How about the native look and feel kit (is that still clim 2.0?)
....  and ...  and.... and ??? 

I'd welcome some comment by somebody who knows everything about this
and more ..... :)

Daniel K.Schneider, TECFA (Educational Technologies and Learning)
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