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   Date: Thu, 8 Aug 91 14:55:01 CDT
   From: David Neves <>

   Why does open-root-window take a window-type argument that is specific to
   the machine being worked on?  I thought the whole idea of clim was machine

Perhaps one reason is that the machine-independence of CLIM includes the
display device in addition to the client machine (the Lisp platform).  For
example, while working on a Symbolics machine, I may have my CLIM
root-window created on the Genera/Symbolics console I'm working on.
However, I may also want to display on an X window server next to the
Symbolics console (or in my office).  Thus, I'll specify different
arguments to open-root-window, depending on whether I want my Symbolics to
use X windows or Genera windows.



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