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    Date: Thu, 8 Aug 1991 15:55 EDT
    From: David Neves <>

    Why does open-root-window take a window-type argument that is specific to
    the machine being worked on?  

Support you are running X Windows under Genera?

				  I thought the whole idea of clim was machine
    independence.  When I switch between clims on different machines I either
    have to remember to rewrite that part of the code or to code my own
    function that checks to see what kind of machine I am using.
    I am sure there is a good reason for doing it but perhaps there could be
    another function for those of us who don't need to do anything fancy and
    would like to have the same code run on different machines.

CLIM Release 2 will have a better model for this, but even so there
needs to be a way to specify what sort of "port" you are dealing with.


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