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harcopy in CLIM

    Date: Sat, 14 Sep 1991 17:58 EDT
    From: "John C. Mallery" <>

	Date: Fri, 13 Sep 1991 20:56 EDT
	From: Peter Karp <>

	Would someone involved in the CLIM definition please comment on
	plans for providing hardcopy capabilities for CLIM?  Such as the
	ability to produce postscript output of the contents of a 
	particular CLIM pane?  To what degree have people discussed this
	issue, and when might we see hardcopy capabilities?

    I think this is already handled (if you believe the manual).  I would like to
    know if CLIM is going to support sending hardcopy directly to printers, the
    way dynamic windows does.  Or, does each application have to write it's own
    machine specific code to do this?

I cannot myself think of a reasonable way to portably implement
this, since there are so many different site-specific printer access



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