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After about two weeks of using CLIM, I have a few bug reports (will be
sent to customer reports), questions, and comments.

First the bugs (with code to be forwarded to customer reports):  1.
replay on records made with with-output-to-output-record that span
multiple viewports, i.e.  requires scrolling, does not update the scroll

2.  :default-text-style in pane descriptions seems wacky.  I give the
default style as '(:fix :roman :normal) and on the first exposure I get
the background stream "can't find font".  I select super-B (use another
font) and enter fix.roman.normal and the window comes up fine.  (Systems
is UX1200, SunOS 4.1.1, Openwindows 2.0, CLim 1.0)

3.  convert-from-relative-to-absolute-coordinates does not appear to
work on presentations which include a draw-text*.  It does work if the
draw-text* is replaced with a format.

4.  Given that you have a command that accepts a pathname as an
argument:  if the pathname entered by the user is on a unix host and
requires a password- you get the background stream.  (Realizing this is
probably similiar to the problems associated with trace, time etc.  Any
ideas on a work around?  I'm going to try and prompt for the passwd
myself and then set the appropriate symbol prior to the file open.

Now the question:

I've got a command and a translator that allows the user to select
several objects from the display window.  Right now under clim, the user
has to type a space aor a return prior to selecting (mousing) the next
object.  The question is "Is there a way to allow the user to keep
selecting items with the mouse without having to touch the keyboard?

Now for the comments:

I decided to try and use CLIM on a new project given that its been out
for a while now for both Genera and UNIX lisps (The project has to run
on a UNIX box without a co proc board).  While, I have certainly spent
more time than I would like in the cold load stream these past few
weeks- I think that it is certainly improving.  I'm also impressed by
the speed (it would nice if it were faster but aren't we always asking
for that :-)).

*disclaimer* I'm typing this on a multics machine without an editor.
All typos etc therefore are the machines fault and not mine :-).




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