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    Date: Wed, 25 Sep 1991 10:52 EDT

    After about two weeks of using CLIM, I have a few bug reports (will be
    sent to customer reports), questions, and comments.

    First the bugs (with code to be forwarded to customer reports):  1.
    replay on records made with with-output-to-output-record that span
    multiple viewports, i.e.  requires scrolling, does not update the scroll

REPLAY is not supposed to update scroll bars.  Only the initial output
recording and later changing of the window's viewport do this.  There are
some buglets in CLIM 1.0 w.r.t. updating the scroll bar during simple
text output recording, which have been fixed in later versions of CLIM.
I do not know if and when these changes will make it into CLIM 1.0.

    2.  :default-text-style in pane descriptions seems wacky.  I give the
    default style as '(:fix :roman :normal) and on the first exposure I get
    the background stream "can't find font".  I select super-B (use another
    font) and enter fix.roman.normal and the window comes up fine.  (Systems
    is UX1200, SunOS 4.1.1, Openwindows 2.0, CLim 1.0)

Try calling PARSE-TEXT-STYLE on the text style spec, and tell me what

    3.  convert-from-relative-to-absolute-coordinates does not appear to
    work on presentations which include a draw-text*.  It does work if the
    draw-text* is replaced with a format.

Please send a failing test case.  This must surely work at some level,
otherwise text graphics presentations would not replay properly or have
correct highlighting, etc., and the tests I just tried all seem to work.

    4.  Given that you have a command that accepts a pathname as an
    argument:  if the pathname entered by the user is on a unix host and
    requires a password- you get the background stream.  (Realizing this is
    probably similiar to the problems associated with trace, time etc.  Any
    ideas on a work around?  I'm going to try and prompt for the passwd
    myself and then set the appropriate symbol prior to the file open.

What system are we talking about here?  Genera?  If so, then, yes, the
workaround you suggest may work.  CLIM is not, and unfortunately will
not ever be fully integrated with Genera's multitudinous ancient UI
stuff; it's just too huge a job.

    Now the question:

    I've got a command and a translator that allows the user to select
    several objects from the display window.  Right now under clim, the user
    has to type a space aor a return prior to selecting (mousing) the next
    object.  The question is "Is there a way to allow the user to keep
    selecting items with the mouse without having to touch the keyboard?

I have been thinking about how to make this work properly.  The desired
behavior is to terminate one field in the input sentence, but not the
entire input sentence.  Unfortunately, this is a little tricky.  Maybe
I'll take a whack at it today...

    Now for the comments:

    I decided to try and use CLIM on a new project given that its been out
    for a while now for both Genera and UNIX lisps (The project has to run
    on a UNIX box without a co proc board).  While, I have certainly spent
    more time than I would like in the cold load stream these past few
    weeks- I think that it is certainly improving.  I'm also impressed by
    the speed (it would nice if it were faster but aren't we always asking
    for that :-)).

Thank you, it's nice to hear that things are going OK.

What would you make faster?  Keep in mind that some things are limited
by the speed of the underlying graphics substrate, which is not so hot
on Genera.  (In fact, CLIM under X is generally faster for all kinds of
output, no matter what platform is being used.)

    *disclaimer* I'm typing this on a multics machine without an editor.
    All typos etc therefore are the machines fault and not mine :-).

Multics!?  Yow.




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