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10 questions (out of 6 ?)

(I'm not sure this got thru - I didn't receive it back)


Here are a few ('n easy) clim questions (I'm using MCL 2.0):

1) is there a FAQ list ? (where, how do I get it ?)

2) is there a mail archive ? (where, how do I get it ?)

3) are there machine-specific extensions currently available (while waiting 
for Clim 2) - I'm interested in MCL for the moment.

4) how can I easily use icons in Clim.  I read the pattern/design stuff but 
it is not as high a level as could be required by "elegance"...  I'm sure 
future versions will support it more completely, but for the moment, I'd 
like to get icons from mac files (resources) and display them as 
presentations (I'd like to view the icon as the external representation of 
an internal lisp object).

5) how can I change the displayed font (not family or style), even if this 
lowers portability ?

6) has someone already written code for more mac-looking interface pieces ?  
I'm thinking of using a real mac menu and mac looking buttons (some with the 
thick border, for default) ?

7) can someone answer some or all these questions ?

8) can those who can answer, actually answer the questions ?

9) can those who actually answer the questions, send me the answers ?

10) can I ever thank you enough (if you answer questions other than the last 
four) ?

Vincent Keunen


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