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Re: clicking on windows

>    Date: Thu, 24 Oct 1991 12:38 EDT
>    From: David Neves <>
>    We need to go to a lower level than layouts for esthetic reasons
>    and so need to do the following in clim.  What is the best way of doing it?
>    We want a background window that fills the entire screen.  We want several
>    windows to overlap that background window.  We never want the background
>    window to cover the windows on top of it.  For example, if the user clicks
>    on the background window we do not want it to come to the top.
>    We do not want to use layouts.  Our windows do not fully cover the
>    background window (which has a bitmap in it).
>    We looked at open-window-stream to create the windows but couldn't figure
>    out how to prevent a background window created from it from popping up when
>    clicked on.On the MAC (and other window systems) there is a distinction
>    between a click that selects a window and a click that selects within a
>    selected window.  I am not sure that CLIM deals with the former, does it?
>*** Note to everyone ***
>I keep having to ask this question, because it is important.  If you
>don't tell us up front, it just takes an extra couple of mail messages.
>*** Here is the question ***
>--> What platform are you trying this on? <--
>Clicking on a window causes the window to be "selected" under certain
>window managers.  CLIM has no control over this behavior.  Since I don't
>know what platform you are using, I cannot say for sure.
>    I realize we are trying to use CLIM in a very low level way but the high
>    level stuff gets in our way and CLIM is what CLOE on the PC has built in.  
>    Thanks for any help.
>    -David
The platforms are CLOE/CLIM and MCL/CLIM.  

After sending the message I figured that part of the answer might be to use
open-window-stream for the large background window and use that window as a
parent for the other windows that will appear above it.  That way the
parent wouldn't ever appear on top of the children -- even if it was
clicked on.  Would that be the cleanest way of doing what we want?  If we
create the windows ourselves then I am not sure what we would use an
application frame for -- if anything.  What do application frames give you
-- other than a pane layout and default top level loop for commands?  What
do we give up if we go to a low level like this?  

Someone here kludged some code that would move and resize frame panes after
they were initially created from make-application-frame.  That way they got
all the application frame stuff and also got the panes the way they wanted


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