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Re: clicking on windows

    Date: Wed, 6 Nov 1991 16:43 EST
    From: (David Neves)

    The platforms are CLOE/CLIM and MCL/CLIM.  

    After sending the message I figured that part of the answer might be to use
    open-window-stream for the large background window and use that window as a
    parent for the other windows that will appear above it.  That way the
    parent wouldn't ever appear on top of the children -- even if it was
    clicked on.  Would that be the cleanest way of doing what we want?  

That seems reasonable.

									If we
    create the windows ourselves then I am not sure what we would use an
    application frame for -- if anything.  What do application frames give you
    -- other than a pane layout and default top level loop for commands?  What
    do we give up if we go to a low level like this?  

As a general rule, all CLIM applications must be written in the context
of an application frame.  For example, the command processor and parts
of the presentation type system depend on this.  I do not recommend
trying to do anything outside without using DEFINE-APPLICATION-FRAME.
What you can do is to create a frame with only a single pane, which pane
is exactly the "large background window" you refer to above.  Make the
other panes be children of that window, and see if it works.  Be aware
that you are breaking new ground as far as CLIM 1.0 goes, and that CLIM
1.0 is not meant to have a coherent model here.  CLIM 2.0 will do much
better w.r.t. window management.

    Someone here kludged some code that would move and resize frame panes after
    they were initially created from make-application-frame.  That way they got
    all the application frame stuff and also got the panes the way they wanted

That is entirely reasonable, too.

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