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Menu/Command Table inheritance.

    Date: Fri, 1 Nov 1991 16:45 EST

    Buried in the manual I discovered that menus are not inherited by
    command tables.  Why?

Because we (Dave Moon and myself) decided that, for the most part,
inheriting the menu items wasn't usually the right thing.  Of course, we
could be wrong, but that's what we decided.

    What is the right way to define an application-frame mixin with
    a default set of commands (i.e., exit-frame) and inherit them?
    I made sure to specify the mixin in the define-application-frame
    form and I explicitly inherit the command table from the mixin
    but the menus don't inherit (as noted above) and defining a local
    menu item to access the command doesn't seem to work quite right

This all sounds right.  You used ADD-MENU-ITEM-TO-COMMAND-TABLE, right?

    Seth Goldman
    (213) 317-5693

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