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Re: Menu/Command Table inheritance.

      Date: Fri, 1 Nov 1991 16:45 EST
      Buried in the manual I discovered that menus are not inherited by
      command tables.  Why?
  Because we (Dave Moon and myself) decided that, for the most part,
  inheriting the menu items wasn't usually the right thing.  Of course, we
  could be wrong, but that's what we decided.
Fair 'nuff.  So I should be able to do it myself, right?  I'm almost
there but...

I've defined the application-frame mixin.  My derived frames inherit
from the mixin and also inherit the command table.  I wrote an
:after initialize-instance method to propagate the menu items
from the inherited command tables to the current frame.  The
problem now is that it isn't mouse sensitive.  I get the feeling
that CLIM cannot find the translators for the input context
(which should be clim:command since I'm in the default-frame-top-level).

Do I have to explicitly propagate the translators?  If so, how?

Btw, welcome back.  We missed you.

My configuration is CLIM 1.0 from ILA running under MCL 2.0b1p3 on
a Mac IIci.

Seth Goldman
(213) 317-5693 -- (310) 317-5693 after 11/2/91

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