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resizing frames under X11

    Date: Tue, 5 Nov 1991 09:59 EST
    From: Don Hamilton <>

    Has anyone else had problems with resizing clim 1.0 frames?  When I resize a
    clim frame via a window manager under the mit x11r4 server, the layout gets
    adjusted, but the locations of acceptable presentations gets messed up. After
    the resize, items in the menu pane do not hilight correctly when the pointer
    moves over that pane. For example, when I move the pointer over menu item "A",
    menu item "X" hilites. This behavior also occurs in application panes. I am
    using lucid's version of clim 1.0 on a SUN sparcstation with the mit x11r4
    server, and the twm widow manager.

I have had problems with this, too, but have not found the bug yet.  It
is probably too obvious for me to see.

As a workaround, after you have resized the frame, click on the title
bar and move the frame by a pixel or two.  This will fix the sensitivity
problems.  I do not know why.


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