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CLIM training possibilities

    Date: Fri, 3 Jan 1992 12:47 EST
    From: Skip Egdorf <>

    I have taken my CLOS application and started developing a CLIM
    interface. I have Lucid CLIM on my SparcStation, ILA CLIM (on the way)
    for my MAC-II, Genera 8.1 on my 3620 and XL400, and Symbolics CLOE
    for my PC. I should be well on my way to a truly portable application.

    However, I am finding that trying to learn how to design CLIM interfaces
    just by inhaling the Symbolics reference manual is a difficult job.
    I am spending a lot of time trying something, figuring out why it was
    brain dead, trying something else...
    The mailing list is a big help here; Someone asks a question, I say
    "It never occurred to me that you could even TRY that!" and I get
    a bit smarter.

    It would probably accelerate my education at this point to attempt to
    learn from the mistakes of others. I am fairly comfortable with CLIM's
    concepts now, but I feel that it would help to see what common idioms
    have been used by others. I have seen too many examples of learning
    a system or language in a vacuum to trust that what I am now developing
    is particularly good (for several definitions of the word "good").

    Does anyone know of any training classes in CLIM?
    Commercial offers are acceptable.
    Any upcoming Conferences that have a CLIM tutorial?
    Is anyone working on a <Sonia Keene - CLOS> level introduction to CLIM?
    Any other suggestions, or is everyone else also just at the "Try things to
    see how they look" stage?

					    Skip Egdorf

Symbolics offers a training class in CLIM (contact
for further information).  Additionally, a CLIM tutorial is currently
being planned for the LUV '92 conference, to be held in August in San


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