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delete-output-record-element - problems

Hello CLIMers,
  I have some troubles with the handling of overlapping output-records. Because I'm
not able to reproduce the error (?) in a small program, I try to explain the 
circumstances just by words:
  I draw some (particulary filled) figures inside a with-new-output-record - macro.
Just there I also draw a presentation-type with with-output-as-presentation. Some
with-scaling - and with-translation -macros are needed. Now, if I want to hide my
figure (= normal figures + presentation-type), I do it with delete-output-record-element
(I did it with erase-output-record before, but got some troubles, too). After a 
window-refresh the figure disappears. But: if I want to show it again (from inside a
command) and call the same methods (I even called the display-method, no success!)   
it appears, but sensitivity of my presentation is lost! A look in my output-recording-
stream-output-record shows: there is my standard-presentation but coordinates have
changed to negativ values! And in fact, I can find my presentation outside the viewport
in the negative part of the coordinate-system. The other parts of the figure are still
on there old place! Funny, eh?
  More facts: I work on a symbolics ux400s with CLIM1.0. Because of some other troubles
with output-records I use a linear-output-record for the output-recording-stream-output-record.

 Is there anybody with simulary problems?
 Any hints, what I can do to solve them?

With future thanks, Ralf.

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