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CLIM for Mac: any experience?

    Date: Tue, 21 Jan 1992 07:38 EST
    From: Thomas Hemmann <>

    Hi CLIMers!

    Does anybody work with ILA*s CLIM on the Mac? I am interested in your
    experiences concerning the following points:

    - How much RAM does it need (minimal, recommended) ?
    - Speed (development, runtime) ?
    - Robustness (development environment, application) ?

I can't answer definitively about any of these, especially since the
performance of Macs varies so widely from one machine to another.

    - Application code portability to Franz/Symbolics CLIM on Sun ?

CLIM is built from the exact same source code on every platform,
except for a very small amount of platform-dependent code.  The
degree of portability from one platform to the next is very high.


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