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CLIM via X on 2 megapixel screens

Maybe I can figure this out but it is sure easier to ask this list in case
someone else has done it.

We've just tried to run CLIM on a 2 megapixel (ie, high resolution) Sun screen
and the fonts are inappropriately sized (tiny).  This is under open windows
and olwm.  He has a .Xresources to handle his other programs that specifies

How can we get the CLIM fonts to be more reasonably sized on the machine for
that user?

P.S.  While I'm on the subject, I would like to start up CLIM windows via
the X server on my Symbolics (CLIM would be running on a Sun somewhere).
The reponse is generally poor but the loading (and reloading and reloading)
of fonts is quite intolerable.  Anyone know some way to load those fonts
once and for all?


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