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Running CLIM on Garnet's Motif widgets

   Date: Fri, 14 Feb 1992 16:35-0600

   My own personal interest is in writing a CLIM program on a Symbolics
   Lisp Machine that projects--onto a dumb X graphics server, such as an X
   terminal--a user interface with a Motif look and feel.  (Symbolics CLIM
   currently projects a Symbolics Genera look and feel, using CLX
   directly.)  Symbolics Genera already includes CLX, and I am presuming
   that porting Garnet to Symbolics would not be too difficult.  Thus, what
   I would need is a connection between CLIM and Garnet.

The last I heard (at LUV-91) there were no immediate plans to implement
CLIM at CMU.  They seem to be using Garnet mostly to experiment with
various new UIMS designs, and are less interested in simply implementing a
preexisting interface.  I think the Motif UI was more a "proof of concept"
than an intentional goal.

But if your goal is a Motif L&F for a CLIM application, I vaguely remember
someone saying that they were developing a CLM driver for CLIM.  The main
problem with this is that CLM requires an intermediary Unix system to
perform the Lisp/Motif translation.

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