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Running CLIM on Garnet's Motif widgets

CLIM 2.0 will reportedly simplify the interface between CLIM and
platform-dependent toolkits such as Motif's.  The Garnet software
available from CMU includes (among many other things) a Motif widget set
written in Common Lisp on top of CLX.  Has anyone, user or vendor,
considered implementing a Motif back end for CLIM 2.0 using Garnet?

My own personal interest is in writing a CLIM program on a Symbolics
Lisp Machine that projects--onto a dumb X graphics server, such as an X
terminal--a user interface with a Motif look and feel.  (Symbolics CLIM
currently projects a Symbolics Genera look and feel, using CLX
directly.)  Symbolics Genera already includes CLX, and I am presuming
that porting Garnet to Symbolics would not be too difficult.  Thus, what
I would need is a connection between CLIM and Garnet.

	Lawrence G. Mayka
	AT&T Bell Laboratories

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