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How to know when scrolling occurs?

    Date: Sat, 15 Feb 1992 00:08 EST
    From: robert futrelle <>

    Richard Billington raised an issue that has also been a
    problem for us.  In one application we have two panes
    that have related material, so that when one is scrolled
    we'd like to know, so we can keep the other in sync.

    It seems to me that many systems might have the same
    general design goal, so we need this.

    Does anyone know how to monitor and react to scrolling?
    Just how deeply into CLIM do we have to get and how
    different might this be on different platforms?
    What I'm suggesting is that it be a standardized and
    advertised capability of all CLIM implementations.

For CLIM 1.0, you can create your own class of window and specialize
WINDOW-SET-VIEWPORT-POSITION*.  It is simple enough to do this that I
don't think CLIM requires any special support.
CLIM 2.0 will support some sort of similar trick, although I am not sure
today exactly what it will look like.

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