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Clim commands - interleaving args and commands words

Is there a way, in CLIM, to interleave command arguments and command

Here is what I want to do:

Ask <host1> Show Decnet Route

Where <host1> is the name of a host.  Ideally, what is allowed to
appear after <host1> should be dependent of the type of <host1>.
For example, the preceding command is allowed because <host1> is of type
"cisco-router", but "Ask <host2> Show Decnet Route" should not be
allowed if <host2> is of type "vax-router".  CLIM should not let the
user type "show decnet route" after parsing a <host> of type

However, when the <host> is of type "vax-router", other commands should
be allowed.  I want to be able to use:

Ask <host2> Show Adjacent Nodes

but not:

Ask <host1> Show Adjacent Nodes

for the same (type) reasons.

Of course, "Ask" should only allow "vax-router" and "cisco-router"
objects as arguments.

Some command words are allowed for both types; it is ok to accept:

Ask <host1> Show Directory


Ask <host2> Show Directory

Moreover, some commands look like this:

Ask <host2> Show Adjacent Nodes <node>

where <node> is another argument to the command...

I haven't found sufficient information in the manual.  Is there a
(easy) way to do this, or do I have to play with the command-parser

note: there are other examples (other than "ask") where this
functionnality would be nice for my application.

Thanks for any help,

Vincent Keunen


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