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	  From: Erik Eilerts <>
	  Subject: More about OPEN-WINDOW-STREAM
	        I'm using CLIM 1.0 beta on a Sun 4 and the problem that
          I've been having is that when I call the following code:  
	      (setf root-window
	            (clim:open-window-stream :parent *clim-root*
	                                     :save-under t
	                                     :left 40 
	  	                           :top 80
	                                     :width 200
	                                     :height 200))
	      (clim:window-expose root-window)
	      (clim:window-visibility root-window)
	      is that the window appears in an outline and I have to click the
          mouse at the place that I want to put the window on the screen. 
	  What I'd rather have happen is that the window appears on the
          screen with its upper left corner appearing at the specified
          (left, top) coordinate.  Does anyone know if this is possible, 
          or is it because I have 1.0 beta?
	      Also, I'm using Mit XR5 with the twm window manager.

	From kanderso@BBN.COM Fri Apr 10 13:47:02 1992
	I believe you can set up your .twmrc file to do this.
	Here is the relevant portion of my .twmrc file:
	#     UsePPosition string
	#             This variable specifies whether or  not  twm  should
	#             honor program-requested locations (given by the PPo-
	#             sition flag in the WM_NORMAL_HINTS property) in  the
	#             absence  of a user-specified position.  The argument
	#             string may have one of  three  values:   "off"  (the
	#             default)  indicating  that  twm  should  ignore  the
	#             program-supplied position, "on" indicating that  the
	#             position  should  be used, and "non-zero" indicating
	#             that the position should used if it  is  other  than
	#             (0,0).   The  latter  option is for working around a
	#             bug in older toolkits.
	UsePPosition "on"
	#     RandomPlacement
	#             This variable indicates that windows with no  speci-
	#             fied  geometry  should should be placed in a pseudo-
	#             random location instead of having the user drag  out
	#             an outline.

  From: Erik Eilerts <>

     I've tried this, but it has the undesirable effect that the window
appears in a random location.  I will be using this window like a menu,
so I'll need to be able to position the window under the current location
of the mouse (I also don't what to have to move the mouse to the location
that the window appeared at).


        Erik Eilerts

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