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    Date: Fri, 10 Apr 1992 10:54 CDT
    From: Erik Eilerts <>

    I'm using CLIM 1.0 beta on a Sun 4 and the problem that I've been 
    having  is that when I call the following code:

	(setf root-window
	      (clim:open-window-stream :parent *clim-root*
				       :save-under t
				       :left 40 
				       :top 80
				       :width 200
				       :height 200))
	(clim:window-expose root-window)
	(clim:window-visibility root-window)

    is that the window appears in an outline and I have to click the
    mouse at the place that I want to put the window on the screen.
    What I'd rather have happen is that the window appears on the screen
    with its upper left corner appearing at the specified (left, top)
    coordinate.  Does anyone know if this is possible, or is it because
    I have 1.0 beta?

    Also, I'm using Mit XR5 with the twm window manager.

The window manager has final say over where and the window is placed and
sized.  Fortunately, in twm you can set the variable RandomPlacement to
get the behavior desired behavior.  (Erik -- Take a look at
/u/gadbois/.twmrc for an example of this.)

We have had to learn the hard way what different window managers can get
away with.  It would be nice for the X ports of CLIM to have some
documentation to explain the theory on window managers and their
interaction with CLIM.

Also, note you can (currently) get into trouble in Lucid if you use a
single root window for multiple frames.  X events for the root can be
snagged by any frame's process without regard which frame should "own"
the event.  The workaround is to open a new root window for each frame.

--David Gadbois


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