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Re: Selecting Presentations (technical)

    Date: Tue, 19 May 1992 16:19 MEST
    From: Jeff Morrill <>

Thanks for answering.

    This is a common need in many types of user interfaces, and it ought
    to be easy but I don't know of anybody who's done it in CLIM.  DataDesk, a
    Mac application for data analysis, is a good example of this.  When
    you "select" a data point, all of its displayed representations get
    highlighted in all of the panes of the application.  In addition,
    you can select more than one data point at a time.

    4.  You can highlight an output record by getting its bounding
    box and drawing a rectangle in the :flip ink.  Or you can use
    the "real" highlighting method, which is apparently

But I want the "selected highlight" to be associated with the
presentation in the sense that e.g. if I drag it around (using
dragging-outptu-record for example) the output-record of the rectangle
drawn with the :flip ink follows. That would be the case if this
output-record has as its parent the presentation of the object. But
then, how do I switch highlighting on and off efficiently? Would it work
to *replay* the output-record of the rectangle with the flipping ink? As
far as I understand, replay is mainly for refreshing or screnn updating
and not usable for changes in the visual output!?

It would be nice to see how the default highlighting method is
implemented. However, I observed some bugs some time ago when
experimenting with dragging and transformations. The rectangle drawn by
the highlight-method didn't follow the output-record of the presentation
after it was dragged / moved around under some non-identity
transformation in effect (as far as I remember).

    This may all interfere with the frame's own protocol for
    highlighting presentations that are under the mouse.
    I dunno.  Good luck.

    jeff morrill

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