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Re: Selecting Presentations (technical)

  Date: Wed, 20 May 1992 13:08+0200
  From: Stefan Bernemann <>
  Subject: Re: Selecting Presentations (technical)
  To: jmorrill@BBN.COM
  Cc: clim@BBN.COM
  But I want the "selected highlight" to be associated with the
  presentation in the sense that e.g. if I drag it around (using
  dragging-outptu-record for example) the output-record of the rectangle
  drawn with the :flip ink follows. That would be the case if this
  output-record has as its parent the presentation of the object. But
  then, how do I switch highlighting on and off efficiently? Would it work
  to *replay* the output-record of the rectangle with the flipping ink? As
  far as I understand, replay is mainly for refreshing or screnn updating
  and not usable for changes in the visual output!?

I haven't had much luck using flipping ink with replay and incremental
redisplay.  You're right, its a problem.  The obvious solution would
be to go to a lower level than dragging-output-record.  Use tracking-mouse.
Every time the mouse moves,

1. Unhighlight the record (draw rectangle in flip ink)
2. Erase the record
    (Erase works by drawing a rectangle in the background ink and then
     replaying the records that happened to be in the same area.)
3. Move the record
4. Draw ("replay") the record
5. Highlight the record (draw rectangle in flip ink)
  It would be nice to see how the default highlighting method is

(with-bounding-rectangle* (ll tt rr bb) record
  (draw-rectangle* stream ll tt rr bb :filled nil :ink clim:+flipping-ink+))


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