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"Grouping" of presentations


this time :-) I want to implement a feature of drawing applications or
graph editors, namely the grouping of presentations. That means, I want
to *replace* a set of presentations (no matter of what type) by ONE
other presentation (e.g. of type "group").

That is, I don't want to keep the old presentations of the objects (at
least I want to change their types), because otherwise there would be
the same access to objects be they contained in a group or not -- but it
makes not sense (in my application) e.g. to drag a single presentation
"inside a group" -- only the group as a whole may be manipulated. 

However, I don't want to erase and readraw any graphical output done to
the screen, for efficienc reasons but mostly to minimize unnecessary
screen flicker. 

Can this be done with CLIM? How must I fiddle with the output record and
the history? Or am I completely off the road and the CLIM approach is
totally different? (parameterized presentations?)

Regards - Stefan B.

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