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bulk text editing.

    Date: Tue, 14 Jul 1992 22:43 EDT
    From: Peter Clitherow <>

    in my old DW and TV code on the Symbolics i could setup a window 

	    (tv:make-window 'zwei:standalone-editor-frame)

    and send it various messages, whereapon it would behave like a regular
    emacs, and let me do bulk text editing.  i'm finding editing large text
    strings in CLIM:ACCEPT :own-windows rather painful in symbolics CLIM1.1.
    is there a more satisfactory, portable way of doing this editing on
    multi line strings?  (e.g. mail messages).  probably some combination of
    screen when you move up/down would probably help me here, but it's
    really too late at night for me to figure this out, without an example.

    or should this all work automatically, and the implementation is just

CLIM 1.1 is no good at this.  On Genera, you could always compile-time
conditionalize and just use ZWEI:STANDALONE-EDITOR-FRAME.

CLIM 2.0 will have "text-editor" gadgets whose value is the edited
string.  These should work much better.


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