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Re: window coord. & print text

    Date: Tue, 4 Aug 1992 02:52 EDT

     Does anyone know how to do the following:

      1. Create a CLIM window with coord (0,0) at the bottom left corner with Y 
	 going up instead of at the top left corner?

      2. How to print text side ways?

    1. See documentation p.110-112 and with-room-for-graphics macro.

    2. On Sun Allegro 4.01 under CLIM 1.0 there are two undocumented functions
       draw-string* and draw-vertical-string*. I don't know if they are available on other
       implemetations of CLIM, but although a little bit strange they worked fine on SUN.

CLIM currently provides no general way to draw text at odd angles.  The
only affect a transformation has on the draw-string operation is to
transform the location of the starting point.  Some host window systems
don't provides a way of doing this short of performing the
transformation on pixel arrays and then rendering them.

draw-vertical-string* is a hack rpovided for the simple purpose of
labeling the Y axis of a graph.

	I		u		m
	t		s		u
			e		c
	i		f		h
	s		u
			l		e
	n				l
	o		f		s
	t		o		e
			r		.


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