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Re: Style and Design question about presentations

    Date: Fri, 7 Aug 1992 14:53 EDT
    From: (Jeff Close)

    Scott, et al.

    Thanks for your response.  This is what I was working towards when I
    got your message:

	    ;;; Display routines for PPs
	    (defclass kat-display-view (clim:dialog-view) ())
	    (defvar +kat-display-view+ (make-instance 'kat-display-view))

	    ;;; present in my view
	    (clim:define-presentation-method clim:present
		(self (type progress-profile) stream (view kat-display-view) &key)
		       (:object self :stream stream :single-box t)
			    (kat-display self stream))

    "progress-profile" is a class from the other application
    "kat" is my system

    I.e., at least I was on the right track (even down to the plus signs
    :).  One thing I'm not sure I understand about your example -- is there
    any reason I need to define a new pres-type?  It doesn't seem
    necessary.  I should be able to define new clim:present methods with a
    different view without otherwise interfering with the old presentation

You don't need to define a new presentation type.  I guess my example
was confusing in that regard; sorry about that.


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