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Re: Nested accepting-values

   Do you really mean nested ACCEPTING-VALUES calls, or nested calls to
   ACCEPT?  For example, do you have a presentation type parser that
   calls ACCEPT recursively on another type?  If so, you should probably
   use WITH-ACTIVATION-CHARACTERS (with the :OVERRIDE option) around the
   inner call to ACCEPT to remove Newline and/or Return from the
   activation list.  You then may also have to use WITH-BLIP-CHARACTERS
   to add Newline back as a delimiter.

Thanks for the response.  What I need is the best way to define an
accept for a structure (instance) with several fields, then use that
accept within another similar accept call.  E.g.:

Accept for type X includes several accept calls -- need those be
sequential accepts within the accept method for X, could they be in an
accepting-values?  -- anyways, I then want to define an accept for
type Y that includes multiple accepts of type X.  Is this specific
enough?  If not, I'll send you some code.


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